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Hello dear reader and thank you for your curiosity to visit "let's-write-in-online-whatever-goes-trough-our-minds" section of our website!

In order to present ourselves first, we are Kaffeine, a Specialty Coffee Shop based in Arad, Romania, and we are here to create a different point of view towards customer service, how it should be done and more important why!

Kaffeine was Filip's dream to show his love for the coffee industry and put his skills to work in order to create the perfect environment for any coffee lover! With tons of luck, trust, and more than 25 years of true friendship, Vera and Sebi jumped on board into this madness and became their soul-project straight away!

Why madness? I'll explain:

First, none of us is from Arad. We came here and invested into a big unknown, the only thing that we knew is that we are good people and we definitely know how to brew specialty coffee. Everyone around was bombing us with negativity while we were building the shop saying things like: "A coffee shop in Arad? Good luck with throwing your money away" which to be honest is quite worrying to hear after you have started a project like ours in which we put our love, friendship, money, relocation of Filip, and many more aspects together.

Why did we choose Arad?

We were not strangers with Arad, Sebi used to work some years in the past in the pharmaceutical industry and had connections here, and we came here few times in the past and we always saw it like a very nice clean cosy place to be. After 1 year and 3 months of activity here we can definitely say that we did the best choice.

This city has everything. Built very wisely on the River Mures, has so much nature, beautiful culture behind - and the buildings are here to prove that (we are lucky enough to have a beautiul view to the Foldes Kelemen Palace right from the shop), and last but not least, a beautiful community of people that we are glad to have met in this period of time and we are trully thankful for that and we love and cherrish you! We are sure we are going to meet more of you along the years and you are welcome to pop in and just say hi and we'll take it from there.

So why are we here?

We are here to prove that being kind and guided by a good state of mind and spirit, smiling to everyone despite the fact that you are working, it's raining or it's too hot can make you a better person and can influence everyone around you. We are here to hardly train ourselves to become better baristas and taste new origins and getting what's best out of them and show everyone what we discovered! We are here to create friendships, listen, hug, drink coffee!

We are friends, we are community!

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