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Who we are ?


Filip Adrian

Barista and Owner

Usually waits you with a big smile on his face asking you "Ce faci domnule(a) drag?". All that you have in your cup is carefully sourced by Filip. Always looking after what's new in terms of coffee beans and equipments in order to deliver that cup of coffee that makes you wanna come back!

Vera Prejban


We all know that a woman's touch can change the world around! We are lucky with Vera, she is really carefull at the smallest details that you can think of and she keeps everything very organised all the time!


Sebastian Prejban


This guy is a must-have! Who doesn't have a Sebi should buy one! Happy all the time with his love-spreading energy will definitely enlight your day in a matter of seconds!

Nicoleta Tapelea


Very lucky to have Nico on board ! Confindent on what she's delivering, very serious and courious when it comes to learning coffee, always on point delivering everything with a warm welcoming smile!

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